Hooray for TxTools

I’m really good at a couple of things: grammar, eating chocolate ice cream…

I’m pretty good at a slightly longer list of things: playing scrabble, studying for tests, roasting marshmallows to perfection…

Sadly, there is a rather extensive list of things I am relatively terrible at doing.  I usually make a whole-hearted effort to improve my skills in whatever I might be attempting, but at some finite point, frustration takes over and I end up groveling at the feet of others, begging for help.  At the top of this particular list is my ability to calculate a client’s current age on a standardized, norm-referenced test.  It’s as if my brain has decided that mentally figuring out how to add and subtract days and months should be lumped together with activities that fall into the realm of “exceptionally difficult” (you know, like scaling Mount Everest or breaking WWII codes).

This is where PediaStaff‘s wonderful app, TxTools, comes in!  If this app were speed dating and could only use 3 words to describe itself, it would probably say: simple, no-frills, efficient.  It’s a “dad” app: the one you call when you want to get your problem fixed or your question answered.  Not when you want to kill hours with meaningless conversation just for the sake of talking (those are “mom” apps, people! Or maybe “BFF” apps).  TxTools has 3 functions:

  1. The Age Finder: This allows you to quickly calculate a client’s current age for standardized assessments and paperwork!
  2. The IEP Scheduler: This allows you to help calculate the exact date of upcoming IEPs, evaluations, or specific timelines for initial evaluations.
  3. The Percent Correct Calculator: With this function, you can easily and efficiently take on-line data and determine exactly what percent of correct responses the client made during an activity.

PediaStaff, thank you for coming up with great ideas to make life just a little bit easier!  From your amazing Pinterest pages to this helpful new app, I bow down!

You can get TxTools in the App Store for $free.99 (that’s right…FREE)!

2 thoughts on “Hooray for TxTools”

  1. I would challenge you to a roasting marshmallow competition whilst calculating an IEP date. Since I have yet to download this app, you would have me beat… Great post.


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