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Squiggles App!

As they say in the adorable little intro video: “A squiggle can be lots of things…like spaghetti, or cotton candy, or a cloud!”  I really really REALLY love this app.  It’s easy, bright, colorful, and super fun.  Plus, there’s no real right or wrong when you’re drawing a squiggle, so kids of all ages and abilities can play!  Here’s the run-down:


Squiggles is an interactive app that uses the basic concept of a squiggle to animate all kinds of objects.  You get to choose your “page.” The page might have cars on a road, sheep in a field, rockets in space, fish in the ocean, etc.  For each page, you are prompted to draw squiggles somewhere to make the objects DO something.  For example, when you draw squiggles coming out of the back of the cars and then press the “go” button, they come to life and drive along the road.  When you draw squiggles to be the waves in the ocean picture and then press the “go” button, the fish swim around!  You can even choose your colors and/or textures for your drawing tool or add a variety of stickers to your page.

(the random animals in this shot are examples of the “stickers” you can add)

(The more fish you cover with your squiggle-waves, the more that will swim when you hit “go”)


  • GREAT for teaching cause and effect: draw squiggles where you are prompted to put them, press “go,” and…viola!…the objects DO something fun!
  • you can target colors and shapes, since you aren’t limited to only drawing squiggles.
  • the available pages/scenes all utilize common objects, which make great vocab words for building lexicons (or be crafty and pick out scenes with target sounds for articulation kiddos).
  • AWESOME for targeting verbs or verb-ING phrases.  Ask your kiddo to tell you what’s happening when they press “go:” the car is driving, the fish are swimming, the rocket is flying, etc.


Great News!  This app is $free.99.  That’s right, FREE!  So hurry to the app store and download it today!

I hope you have as much fun with my newly discovered squiggles gem as I do 🙂

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