Story Time with SonicPics App

What is it? 

SonicPics is an app that lets you create your own stories or sequences with your very own recorded narration (if you want it).  You can take pictures of favorite stories, common daily routines, or even import previously taken photos to create a set of images that encompass a “project.”  You then have the option of viewing the images one by one, or adding a recording to each one and later viewing your project as a slideshow story with the recorded narration playing simultaneously.

Why love it? 

  • This app is great for kids or adults working on sequencing, or becoming familiar with routines.  You have the freedom to use whatever images you want for any given sequenced activity and then record helpful cues, a social story, the client’s narration of the sequence, or even music to go along with it.
  • Kids working on all kind of language goals will love this app.  Create a project with images from a favorite picture book and record the child narrating their version of the story.  You can focus on identifying relevant details on each “page,” emphasizing connector words between “pages,” accurate narrative prosody, etc.  The list of treatment activities goes on and on.
  • Client’s with a self-monitoring goal can listen to their own recorded stories page by page and identify accurate productions of a target vs inaccurate productions!
  • Create a collection of “what’s happening here” or “what’s wrong with this picture” images and record the client identifying details in the picture that don’t belong, seem silly, or appear out of place.
  • Save pre and post-treatment recordings of a client to compare accuracy in any of the above-mentioned activities between the beginning and end of treatment.


What are the downsides?

Unfortunately, the stories don’t seem to export to youtube well. The images all appear, but they are out of sync with the recording, so the pages and narration might not accurately match up.  I haven’t tried adding text to any of my images, but I have heard rumors that it sometimes disappears when narration is then recorded.  Honestly, this app seems to be best utilized in the therapy session for immediate feedback with the client, or as a saved record of language production on your iPad.  Still, it’s a great little tool for what it can do (and I thought pretty simple to use).

How to get it?

Simple: go to the app store to download ($2.99)


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