Random Therapy Ideas

Getting the Most out of a Ball!

Here’s what you will need to create this fun, BRILLIANT therapy activity:

  • 1 ball (ideally one of the really light, semi-bouncy-ish balls that are always $1.99 at the store)
  • Sharpies

Yup, that’s it!  The beauty behind this idea is that you can tailor the ball to any kiddo’s (or adult’s) needs.  The original “question-ball” was intended as an icebreaker activity: someone writes all kinds of creative questions around the surface of the ball (with lines separating each one to make life a little easier).  Then, everyone stands in a circle and takes turns tossing the ball to someone else.  The tosser calls out a hand (left/right) and a finger (pinky/ring/you get the idea).  The catcher has to answer whatever question that finger is touching when they catch the ball.  Here’s how it will work for YOU in therapy:

  • Write target words/phrases/sentences for articulation accuracy all over the ball.  Drill just became fun!
  • Cover your ball with nouns/verbs/adjectives/any other part of speech.  Tell the child to make up a sentence with that word!
  • Write nouns or verbs all over the ball and have your child name semantically similar items for whatever word their finger is on!
  • Write questions on the ball and have your client appropriately answer the questions!
  • Write one/two/three+ step directions all over the ball and have the child perform whatever task is indicated!
  • Cover your ball with conversation topics and ask the child to tell a story about the topic they’re touching with the indicated finger!
  • Have the client name the opposite of whatever they’re touching on the ball!
  • Ask the child to come up with a word that rhymes with the word their finger landed on

As you can see, this activity can be tailored to just about any kiddo (especially if you work with kids in groups).  Depending on how you choose to play, you can simultaneously promote turn taking, eye contact, non-verbal communication & gestures (children can’t use any noise when deciding who to throw the ball to), group participation, hand-eye coordination, motor learning…the list goes on and on.  And all just by throwing a ball.  By using inexpensive balls from the store (even a beach ball will work just fine), you won’t break the bank either.

Any other ideas about what you might want to put on your therapy ball?  Let’s hear them!  Remember, great ideas are meant to be shared 🙂


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