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Worthy Read: Life As We Know It

I read this book a couple years back as part of a requirement for a Child Language Disorders class.  I have to admit that I was a bit annoyed at being asked to choose a book related to the class to “read for fun” when we already had so much text-book reading to do.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love to read all kinds of books; it was merely an issue of time (or a lack thereof).  In my efforts to complete the assignment, I stumbled across the book I’m about to share with you and dove in with no expectations other than checking one more task of the list for my class.  What I discovered was a touching, personal, and honest glimpse into the lives of a family raising a son with Down Syndrome, and the young boy’s journey through the first few years of life as he tries to find his place in a world made for typical kids.

Back Cover Summary:

Little Jamie Bérubé loves tacos, pizza, Bob Marley, and B.B. King.  He can do a convincing imitation of a waiter.  Jamie Bérubé also has Down Syndrome, a fact that keeps many of the grownups who meet him from seeing him as anything but “disabled.”  In this wrenching yet genuinely inspiring book, Jamie’s father, the literary critic Michael Bérubé, tells us what it has been like to raise this lively, loving, mischievous boy.  But more than this, Bérubé shows us how to “see”-and how learning to see such a child can in turn change our vision of our society and ourselves.

Perhaps a bit of an oldie (published in 1996), but definitely a goodie!  ENJOY!

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