Scribblenauts is Naut to be Missed Out On!

Want an app that will get your clients super jazzed about therapy (and get you through long plan rides, boring lectures, and awkward family dinners)?  Then download Scribblenauts ($0.99) through the Apple App Store.  I mean it, go grab your iPad and download it right now.  Did you do it?  Good.

Maxwell is the main character in this app, and at each level he is trying to complete a mission.  Whether he’s carrying out a heist or trying to help a knight across a shark-infested moat, your job is to conjure up objects that will help Maxwell (and his allies) get through the level.  The beauty of this app?…you can literally type in just about any noun (with the occasional adjective) and have it appear.  You want a dragon?  DONE.  How about a dragon slayer to kill it before it attacks Maxwell? DONE.  You want a zombie cat?  Or a bridge?  Or a helicopter that Maxwell can fly? DONE, DONE and DONE. Granted, you’re trying to conjure objects that will help Maxwell and his allies complete their mission, but half the fun is coming up with crazy objects to add into the scene to see how they interact with the characters-or to see if you can think of a wacky, out-of-the-ordinary object to complete the mission.  Instead of crossing the moat in a boat, how about doing it in an inner tube?  Or even on a surf board!  See, the possibilities are (almost) endless.

For therapy, this app can be used in all kinds of ways:

  • For articulation clients, tell them they can only choose objects with the target sound in them.  This will get their creative juices flowing AND get you lots of repetitions of the sound ( if you drill them on each object)!
  • Each level is great for problem-solving.  In level 2 of world 1, your client has to come up with objects that 2 of the characters would logically use (choosing from a chef, a fire fighter, a police man, and a doctor).
  • Semantic Network Strengthening can be done at every level of this app.  The client has to generate ideas that are all related to the problem/task at hand!
  • If you child is old enough, have him work on his spelling/literacy skills as he types in each object (if not, you can type their ideas in)

All in all, I highly recommend this app.  Feel free to comment about how YOU are using this app in therapy!  Ideas are meant to be shared 🙂

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